Free Hosted Email with Every Domain Name

Basic Email hosting is always included when you register a domain name with

You will get 512 MB Email Storage and 3 Email accounts that you can access through our smart webmail interface.

When you need more space, flexibility and more advanced features, just upgrade to our Cloud Hosting. Take full advantage of our powerful Email Account Manager right from the start and check out cloud hosting plans now!

Effective Anti–Spam Protection

Say goodbye to time–consuming spam messages

Your email accounts are protected with a custom anti–spam tool that uses adequately devised methods to narrow the inbound messages. Determined by what type of spam messages you receive, you are able to control the degree of defense. Having said that, be careful with the top level of protection, because it can filter valuable messages. You can even select a special degree of spam defense for every single mailbox you’ve got. All junk e–mail messages can be either erased or forwarded to a specific mailbox for later examination. You can easily decide which action you prefer in the settings.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of email messages

By using the Email forwarding tool, you can easily divert all the e–mails sent to a mailbox to another mailbox of your choosing (also hosted in the same cloud hosting account or someplace else on the web).

To forward an email address, simply choose it from the drop–down menu after which specify the e–mail account you’d like to have all delivered messages to be sent to. After that, you’re given the choice to choose whether you want a copy of each and every message to be saved in the mailbox that you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Design unique spam filters without any problem

Email filters certainly are a tool you’re able to apply. They function in a simple manner according to keywords and phrases. What you need to do is state the key words that you like the filter to work with and which area of the e–mail account these keyword phrases need to be located in just like subject line, message body, footer, etc.

One way you may use e–mail filters is to direct all spam messages into a special directory. Then you can in addition indicate if you want the filtered e–mails to be held in the folder (in order to see whether some message is delivered there by mistake), it has to be erased.

Hepsia File Manager